Until We Meet Again

On October 29th, the CDC updated its guidelines for event planning. Meetings & Social business will eventually need to return for our hotels to survive. As the holiday’s approach and more of us choose to get together with friends and family, we need to reimagine what gatherings look like. The question is how can we safely execute the events of the future with COVID lingering? 

Below is a partial list of some of the bullet points from the recently released CDC guidelines. You can see the full checklist at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/community/COVID19-events-gatherings-readiness-and-planning-tool.pdf

The hotel industry has been devasted by COVID. Weddings and fundraisers have been put on hold, employees have been laid off and the meeting’s business is in limbo.

Hoteliers are a resilient group of creative people who love what they do.

The hospitality industry was my first career and something I cherish. We enjoy people and bringing folks together for shared experiences.

Here are some tips that may help get your social gatherings and meetings get back on track in a safe way. Of course, always following all CDC and local guidelines. Including, reduced capacity mandates, social distancing, sanitation, and masking up.

Creative Seating

I have seen some highly creative ways hotels are bringing people together while keeping them safely distanced.

  • Blocking off rows & seats
  • Using natural barriers like plants
  • Creating pod seating for intimate breakouts
  • Placing directional signage for a better flow

 Keeping Things Clean

Sanitation and cleanliness are of the utmost importance in this Corona Era. If you have traveled recently you have seen what the Airline Industry is doing. I feel airplanes are cleaner now than they have ever been. The same is true for hotels. Here are some things that can be done to improve consumer confidence. 

  • Provide multiple sanitation stations
  • Clean surfaces and high-touch areas frequently and on an   assigned schedule
  • Consider Bathroom Attendants for public areas
  • Invest in touchless doors, facets, and dryers


Drinks, Dinner & More

  • Eliminate self-service
  • Get rid of communal utensils
  • Provide disposable one-time use condiments
  • Stop food sharing instead pre-plate items
  • Provide boxed meals
  • Bundle DIY cocktail kits for attendees

As we move into the holiday season, we should consider some ways we can safely make a comeback, see our loved ones, and celebrate life events together. The hospitality industry is working hard to reinvent itself and we need you.  I hope you can make one small step toward re-entry with confidence.

Until we meet again.