Meeting Madness

Is corporate America obsessed with meetings? Rushing to meetings every day can make you cranky and can also become a real energy vampire for corporate profits.

In a 2012, the Wall Street Journal cited a survey of CEOs calculating they spend 18+ hours a week in meetings. Turns out the higher you climb the corporate ladder the more time you will be spending in meetings. Upper managers calculated attending over 50 meetings a month. That doesn’t even account for the amount of time prepping for meetings. On average prep time was about 4-6 hours. So when does anyone get their actual job duties done? Turns out just because you are at work, doesn’t mean you are actually getting work done.

Source: 2012 WSJ Article

Use this meeting efficiency check list as a tool to streamline and rate your meetings in the future. Start by paying attention to any common themes. Do they start on time? Are the same people dominating the conversation? Is there any consensus met? After using the check list, you may determine the meeting was a time waster.  The good news is you can improve meeting performance by examining your own performance and making some minor changes that could impact the whole team.

Here is to improving meeting productivity on all levels.

Jodi Cross is a marketing strategist and brand consultant and can be reached at

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