Summer’s Here, Get Packing!

Summer’s Here, Get Packing!

By: Jodi Cross


Chances are you are heading on a vacation this summer, even if it is just for a short getaway. They say there is two kinds of luggage, lost and carry on!

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination without your luggage.  Packing can be overwhelming for many people; there are travel restrictions and weather.  A little preparation and organization can result in a perfect trip with all the right outfits.  I have a knack for packing; I can go on a 10-day trip with simple carry on luggage.

Here’s how to get started with your trip preparations:

  1. Start with a list and consider the climate and activities; I literally write down each day of the week and place an item of clothing on the calendar. Once you create the list go back and ruthlessly review it and try to cut it in half.
  2. Bring more tops than bottoms and focus on light, wrinkle free fabric like silk or polyester. Silk blouses in multi-colors can get you from day to night and tanks can keep you cool during the day.
  3. Organize your outfits with a color theme for example, black/red/white, or brown/cream/orange this way you can mix and match and you can limit the amount of shoes you need too!
  4. Pack comfortable shoes in neutral colors. I look for shoes that can compact down flat like sandals, thongs and compliment that with one pair of dressy shoes. I use newspaper delivery bags for shoes, it keeps dirt off your clothes.
  5. Bring one nice outfit, I have the perfect silk skirt or black dress that folds up without wrinkling, I could pair it with a pashmina and be ready to meet the Queen if need be.
  6. Maximize all space; I fill my shoes with socks or undergarments. This is especially helpful if you have to bring sneakers, as they can really be bulky.
  7. Roll all your clothes or double layer them and fold this will minimize wrinkles.
  8. Never travel with a blow dryer, iron or other items that can be inexpensively purchased or that the hotel normally provides, even in remote place such as Peru they have blow dryers.
  9. Find a comfortable travel outfit that can be re-worn and tie your sweater or jacket around your waist. The jacket can double as a pillow on the plane. Stores like Stein Mart and Travel Companion have mix and match wrinkle free outfits. Tuck a pashmina in your carry on to use as a blanket.
  10. Always bring a mini-medicine kit, just in case! Think emergency medications, as travelling can be rough on your body both inside and out. Stores like Target have mini-travel items.
  11. Never move locations with dirty clothes. I travel with a small bottle of detergent. You can even use hotel soap. An accompanying plastic bag is great to keep dirty items together.

If you apply these tips you can fit everything in one bag and look fabulous too.  Packing lite will save you a lot of backaches and headaches along the way. Have a great vacation, wherever you might go!