Rat In A Hot Tin Dryer

Rat In A Hot Tin Dryer

By: Jodi Cross

I consider myself to be a modern day independent women.  I never really bought into role and gender stereotypes. People might describe me as outgoing, self-sufficient even a problem solver. So, when my husband started a project in Miami I knew it would be a transition but felt like I could handle anything that came my way. On a cold day in January, the second day Rich was gone my steely independence would be tested. While running a load of clothes, I heard a strange scratching noise coming from the dryer.  It sounded like a zipper banging on the inside, I went about my business and never thought much more about it. The next day a foul odor started permeating the air in the laundry room. That’s when I knew I had a problem.  The smell of death surrounded me and that death was in the form of a brown Rattus Norveqicus.

The rodent, I later found out, had journeyed down my roof vent and tumbled all the way to the bottom were the hose meets the dryer connection in my laundry room. My husband is an accomplished, plumber, electrician, AC technician and all around handyman. Thus, I never had the need to call anyone for help with such problems. Clearly, I needed help and knew I was out of my league.

I got a hold of my neighbor, who referred me to his exterminating company and I waited for them to come to my rescue. When the exterminating company arrived, they searched the place and declared it rodent free but wouldn’t touch the dryer. “Out of scope, we don’t do dryers” they declared, as they zoomed off! Imagine my horror. There was something in my laundry room and I needed to get it out!

After the exterminator left, I think I had a small breakdown and texted my husband to call me when he got a chance, saying it was nothing urgent. But it was getting more urgent by the minute. I ran across an old home owners list of service contractors and started calling.  About 10 calls later, I finally got a hold of a dryer cleaning company. I shared my plight, pleaded and he agreed to come out and take a look, but said it would cost me. At this point I would have paid a great deal to remove whatever was causing the smell. I quarantined the area but before I did a large hideous green fly emerged and started buzzing about. Disgusting!

My knight in shining armor arrived in a white van around 3 PM. Together we tipped the dryer over, me tipping it from the front while he could peer into vent. When he finally got behind it, he screamed, “There is it is, I see it, and it’s huge.” Now we were both screaming! What a scene, he left me holding the dryer tipped back toward me while he went to his work van to retrieve a gas mask. Where was my gas mask? Gagging he retrieved the vermin from the hose vent and carried it outside.

Traumatized, I began running about cleaning, lighting candles, spraying Lysol, mopping the floor.  I threw the mop out, I cleaned with Clorox again, and then threw another mop out. Our new dryer had become tainted forever in my mind. I didn’t know if I could ever go back in that room again.

My new best friend from Green Home’s and I had a few laughs after it was all over. Having a sense of humor about such things always helps my disposition.  Never in a million years did I think my first test would be a rat plague. When it comes to removing vermin, I concur…it’s a man’s world and they can have it!