Plan For Success And Success Will Follow, Hope For Success And You Will Wallow!

Hoping and wishing for success will not make a plan on it’s on. True success in life comes from making and carrying out a plan. Outline some small action steps in a written format, set milestones, attach measurable outcomes and be flexible to change. Using a formatted process allows for transformation be realized.    

The difference between success and failure can be as simple as one step forward. Taking action, no matter how small, can increase your chances of success exponentially. Here are some tips that can help you make change that will last:

  • When making a plan, don’t over complicate it. People have a tendency not to do anything because they are overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a plan down on paper. Start small,  it can be as simple as finding a mentor, signing up for a class or organizing your tax receipts for two hours each day. If you have positive expectations you will accomplish what you set your mind to.
  • Rid yourself of pessimism and at the same time set up milestones that reaffirm your progress. For example, by March 1, I will lose five pounds. Then visualize yourself five pound lighter. Along the way, acknowledge your small successes and reward yourself. By seeing and imagining can create the outcome you desire.          
  • If your plan is not working, be flexible and change direction. Don’t keep repeating the same action steps and hoping for a different outcome. Change your course and continue to focus your efforts on what is working. When you see results they will motivate you to continue. Adopt the mindset; failure is not an option. A sports team doesn’t take the field anticipating failure, they play to win. If you don’t see failure as an option you will win too. If you plan properly, take action, and visualize success you will achieve your goals in 2012!

 Jodi Cross is a marketing consultant, speaker and freelance writer and may be reached at or