May I Take Your Order Please?

In case you haven’t noticed, servers are hard to find in New York’s Kennedy Airport. Last time I traveled nearly every restaurant had an iPad docking station instead of a human being to take my order.
Is this the future of the restaurant industry? The answer seems to be yes. Not only are restaurants reporting increased revenues, but it is a cashless system. This cuts down on theft and management responsibilities. The touchscreen allows customers to see all entrées visually as they order, which has increased add-on sales. While travelers wait, they can surf the web and do a little shopping. I am sure the retailers worked out an arrangement for a percentage back to the operators on in-store purchases as well.
The restaurant industry is facing some tough times, there are employee shortages and rising labor costs. Wage increases are being proposed.

The image above should give everyone pause. Is this what we want the hospitality industry to look like? Perhaps we should think twice and look for solutions that work for everyone’s best interest and provide an outstanding customer experience while we still have a chance to interface with one another on a human level.