Graduation is a Right Of Passage, No Matter What Your Age

Graduation is a Right Of Passage, No Matter What Your Age

By: Jodi Cross


This year I had the pleasure of attending three graduations. One for each of my sister’s triplets in three different North East cities. I could feel the optimism of the graduates as they reveled in their accomplishment, the hope of a brighter future radiating on their faces. I remember my special day and all the promises of a lifetime before me that it held.

Graduations are a right of passage no matter what your age. There is something about your name being called, the walk across the stage in that cap and gown and the flipping of the tassel that signify completion. It means you are a finisher, you stuck with it, finished the job you started and all those late nights and missed family gatherings on weekends finally paid off.

This year’s graduates always have challenges; there the economy, paying off the school loans and actually securing a job. Although the speeches are very motivating, dream jobs are few and far between. When I graduated I was able to get a job in my field of study immediately. I started out in the hotel business as an entry level sales person making $17,500 a year. That was a long time ago but, I certainly didn’t think it was a lot of money or my dream job at the time. My focus at the time was getting a job in the field I studied in and getting some experience. That strategy served me well as I was able to move up steadily and make more money because I had a background that lent itself to giving me an advantage over the next person who didn’t have that experience. The other thing I had was a passion for travel which I was able to use in the hotel business.

So for all you graduates out there, here are my two cents on what Paved my way to success; 

P -Have passion in life and learn to love the journey not the destination. It is so easy to exist instead of live, think about what you are enthusiastic about and pursue that passion in your work and play.

 A-Strive to be the most authentic version of yourself that you can be.  Listen to that little voice inside of you that tells you when things are not feeling quite right, trust your GUT.

 V-Value your family and friendships. For without that support systems were would any of us be today?

 E- Education. Never stop learning even if it is through reading, traveling or schooling. They say the education of a person is never complete until they die. Here is to the class of 2014!