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CrossTalk - Lifestyle

For the past 15 years CrossTalk has been an ongoing lifestyle column featured in South Florida. Jodi has covered every topic imaginable from being and optimist to handling elder care issues.

Now CrossTalk will be featured on my new website for all my readers in case her column doesn't appear in your community. We hope you enjoy reading it and please let us know your thoughts and post comments too!

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ShopTalk - The Buzz about Business

The name germinated from Jodi's dad's business, H.M Cross & Sons. He was an entrepreneur and would always refer to his business as The Shop. This column will provide tips and insider trade secrets to help make your work life a little easier. This is a new column that will only appear on CNMI's website.

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CT Takes Off

For over a decade, I have been writing a monthly lifestyle column called Cross Talk. Looking back over the years, I realized a lot of my stories were about my adventures to far away place. This was the genesis for Take Off my new Travel Blog. I love to write about my experiences, make new friends and discover the beauty of nature. Travel has helped me see the world from a different perspective and captivated my soul.

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